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Credits is the brainchild of Dustin Kirkland and Josh McJilton, and property of

thistle Scot-Irish Lads, LLC shamrock

They work on it in their own time and on their own spare hardware, providing it as a free service to anyone wishing to use it.


A brief timeline of DivItUp's history

  • February 2008
    thistle Scot-Irish Lads, LLC shamrock established as's holding company. SMS/Email reminder messaging implemented.
  • Fall 2007
    DivItUp v4 coming... After almost 6 years of maintenance-free operation on spare hardware in Dustin's house, the site is readied for offsite hosting. This includes performance improvement of SQL queries, security vulnerability sweep, and user interface enhancements such as icons and logos.
  • Summer 2003
    DivItUp v3.1 is slightly enhanced for usability on mobile platforms as Dustin is a Treo user.
  • Summer 2001
    DivItUp v3 is the current version of DivItUp in use. Dustin rewrote the entire codebase from scratch, using much more PHP and Postgres expertise. Additionally, an infinite-user "pot" based approach allows for much better account maintenance and parties of any size.
  • Spring 2001
    DivItUp v2 was an independent study research project in college by Josh where he expanded parties to any number of individuals, as Josh had more than 1 roommate at the time. It was re-written in JSP.
  • Summer 2000
    DivItUp v1 was implemented while Dustin and Josh were sharing an apartment over the course of a summer internship. DivItUp v1 was Dustin's first project in PHP and Postgres and only supported 2-user parties. It was used by Dustin and his other roommates.
  • March 2000
    DivItUp v0 evolved in a spiral notebook on a road trip through the American West in order to split all expenses fairly.


The Silk Icon Set used on this site are used according to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

© Copyright 2000-2023 Dustin Kirkland & Josh McJilton, thistle Scot-Irish Lads, LLC shamrock
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